Full Body Massage and Foot Massage

Full Body Massage: The best health care

full body massage

A 60-minute, sophisticated full-body oil massage, if you like, including a gentle peeling with massage gloves. It refreshes your skin and prepares it for the absorbation of the care substances.

Then enjoy a classic massage with a lot of wellness feeling and deep relaxation.

60 minutes 52 euros
90 minutes 75 euros

Soul Massage – the activation of energy points on the feet

Our energy fields (chakras) are the links between our body and our soul. That’s why we owe the targeted foot massage a deep, comprehensive effect.

It strengthens our consciousness and harmonizes our energy system. Psychosomatic imbalances can be resolved. So put your feet up and go on your journey…

30 minutes 27 euros
45 minutes 39 euros