Japanese Facial Massage

It suits you..

Relaxed neck and a fresh face – the Japanese Facial Massage has a lot to offer.

Deep relaxation for body and mind. No other treatment relaxes your mind as deeply as a facial massage.

Thightening of facial tissue. In the same way that exercise shapes your body, the massage strengthens and shapes your facial muscles.

Increase in skin moisture. The massage increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Acceleration of cell renewal. This effect leads to a fresh complexion.

Dissolution of toxins and impurities. The massage increases skin temperature and dissolves impurities. The lymphatic system will be able to drain any impurities.

Traditional Japanese Facial Massage

The effect can already clearly be felt and seen after the first treatment.

Your head and neck will also be treated, so that you can look forward to an extensive well-being experience.
This massage is not a “quick repair”, but is expressly intended to help you relax and enjoy life, which will be reflected in your face afterwards.

If you live on La Palma, you have the oportunity to stabilize the cosmetic effect. For this purpose, it is advisable to have one massage per week at the beginning. After four or five weeks, your facial tissue is nourished enough that monthly treatments will be sufficient.

60 minutes 48 €
30 minutes 30 €